Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paperwork! Paperwork!

The paperwork process of adoption isn't a fun and exciting one. If I posted everyday it would continually say, still working on paperwork. Weeks have gone by of paperwork and I feel a little closer to my daughter. I'm approximately two weeks, maybe three from completing my homestudy. This is a major step, because a completed homestudy allows me to apply for grants and file my adoption with U.S immigration. Filing with immigration and getting their approval to bring my daughter home is the last step before finalizing my paperwork, sending it for approval with the Chinese consulate in Chicago and then sending it off to China. It seems so much closer then it was just two weeks ago. Anyway that's where we are right now. I hope I have much more exciting news next time. 
 To fill the void here's a picture of the day we found out China approved us to adopt my daughter/ his sister

Before our approval from China I spent time preparing Austin for our adoption from China. I know this is going to rock his world. I'm not sure he remembers what it's like to have a sibling. It's been almost a year now that he's been an only child. One of the first things we did was visit the children's museum. It just so happens they just opened a display about China and it's culture. We spent several hours there, learning and taking in the place my daughter/ his sister currently lives. We learned a lot, but China is huge and full of culture and customs that I've never heard of. We certainly will be spending more time learning about China before she comes home. 
I thought this was a cute idea for reveal, but we went another direction. 

Learning to care for abandoned pandas in China. 
Chinese culture
Chinese statue 
Playing chinese bells 
There's even a computer where you can place your face in traditional Chinese makeup and outfits. 
Regardless of whether you are adopting from China, it's a great display of culture and the country. Please go visit! 

More to come later.....